Monday, January 21, 2013

Version 16

-- Automatic Payment Option For Repeat Transactions:
     There is now an option when creating/editing a repeat transaction to have it be automatically paid on it's due date.  This happens when you turn your phone on, if it's the correct date of a bill, the bill will be paid and a message will be shown.  If a bill is paid, but the amount should be different, you'll just need to edit the transaction from the accounts transactions list.

-- Preference Help Buttons:
     Added some help buttons to all the preference pages.  Most preferences are pretty obvious, but some (like adjust time by hour) needed a bit of clarification.  If any of the help info isn't helpful enough, or worded poorly, please post here or email me.

-- Custom Dates For Transaction Lists:
     Pretty straight forward, while on a transaction list page (either account, budget, category, or special transaction) select sort by to be date, and sort limit to be custom.  Two buttons will then appear and use each of them to set the begin and end date ranges.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Version 15

-- Fixed Budget Tabs:
     The last update had the wrong tabs for budget overviews showing, which would cause crashes.  I got rid of the bad ones, and added a transactions list.

-- Removed Account Balance Checks:
     I'll be adding these back soon, but currently I had to remove them.  These were the notifications if you were spending all the money in a particular account.  They were removed because I plan to condense them and budget balances soon.

-- Adjusted Editing Transactions:
     Previously, if you were editing a transaction, you could only adjust certain things and not others.  You can now change everything about the previous transaction, except the transaction name.  Also, when paying a repeating or common transaction, you can adjust which account it uses too.

-- Added Loan Payment Page:
     This is a tab under account overview for loan / credit accounts.  Here you can see how long it will take to pay off debts.  You can adjust your monthly payments or expenses to see how much time that will remove or add until your debt is paid off.

-- Adjusted Categories:
     If there is a pause after you updated your app, I adjusted all Categories to include "Uncategorized" as a sub category. Previously, It was just added in all places it was needed.  If all goes well, you won't notice a difference.