Friday, November 30, 2012

To Do

Currently working on:
-- Confirming Stability:
    Not working on anything major until I'm sure everything that currently exists work the way they are intended. (Update: Seems like everything is working fine.  Not ready to start adding many large features yet, until I am completely sure, but Things are currently looking good.

-- Reducing data size:
    I've been using this app for months, so I have a lot of transactions saved.  Unfortunately, that means every time the app checks account totals it takes a second to add up all the transactions.  Either I need to add a way to export the data, or save account totals after each transaction.


-- "Grocery List" Transactions:
     Been considering this for a while, but not sure if it's worth the trouble.  The ability to use the app while shopping and input items as you put them in your grocery cart.  The upside is you can see what exactly was bought, the down side is it would take a lot of memory to create pages to use the info.

A Few Notes

There's now an option from within the app to go to this page.  On this page, I'd like to list all updates (I tried to fill in some of the old ones, but I can't remember what the older updates did), list what I'm working on and considering working on, and listen to any ideas, suggestions or complaints.  If you don't want to post here with any of those, feel free to email me at

Version 14

-- Account Bills List:
    Added a way to view the upcoming bills for accounts by month, plus total of those bills.  Currently, it only looks forwards to bills yet to be paid.  We'll see if it's worth it to look backwards as well, but I don't see a reason.  If you do, feel free to reply and let me know.

-- All detail pages:
   All the pages that show details or categories, transactions, etc were completely rewritten.  Shouldn't be too  noticeable, just done to shorten the code and add more consistency.  If something looks wrong, please post here.

-- Buttons do stuff:
   The last update messed up a lot of the buttons.  Hopefully they're all working now, with the correct texts on them.

-- Repeat Trans:
   Paying a repeating transaction from anywhere in the app and widget should show the same three option box (Pay, skip, edit).  Done for consistency. If you notice a place where you aren't given the three options, or if one of the options does the wrong thing please post here. (Also, made it so adding info to any of the special transactions, it's recorded on all transactions when paid)

-- Consistency:
   Made all the bottom buttons line up in the same place.  It was a little disrupting to see the buttons bouncing around page by page.  Made all the texts line up better.  Made all expenses look like negative numbers, since they are.  Made all amounts format to local currency, including toasts (the little messages that briefly show up at the bottom of the screen)

Thanks again,

Version 13

-- Created Budgets:
   Finally added budgets.  Mine are done a bit differently.  Budgets are based on categories.  You can select which category or sub category the budget is for, the amount of the budget, when the budget starts (i.e. which day it starts on if it's a weekly budget) , and the time period for the budget (daily, weekly, monthly).

-- Code trimming
   Etc, etc, etc.  Still trying to find a way to add more things and make the app smaller.  Not working well enough.


Version 12

-- Upcoming Bill Notifications:
   Shows upcoming bills in notification bar.  Can be set to update when phone is rebooted, when phone is woken up, when starting app, or not at all.  Amount of bills to be notified of, how far in advance to notify of bill, and whether or not to play the notification sound.  To adjust, Main Page ==> Menu ==> App Wide Preferences ==> "Set Prefs" Button.

-- Monthly Account Details:
   Shows account's biggest payments and expenses, monthly balance, and biggest payment and expense categories.

-- Monthly Category Details:
   Shows category's percentage of total payments or expenses, monthly balance, and biggest sub category.

-- Monthly Sub Category Details:
   Shows Totals of each sub category and percentage of category's payments or expenses

-- Boring Stuff:
   The usual code trimming.  Also adjusted how the different pages travel to and from each other.

Thanks for Reading,

Version 11

-- Add Transaction Widget:
   Created a home page widget to quickly add transactions from your home screen.  When placed on home page, tapping it brings up options to add a transaction.  "New Transaction"  goes to add blank transaction page.  "Quick Transaction" brings up list of quick transactions.  Selecting one will either pay it instantly or bring up confirm box, based on your preferences (changeable: Main Page => Menu => App Wide Preferences => "Confirm Quick Transaction".  "Repeat Transaction" brings up list of repeat transactions.  Selecting one will go to pay repeat transaction page.  "Common Transaction" brings up list of common transactions.  Selecting one will go to pay common transaction page.

-- Favorite Goal account:
   Made it possible to select a goal account as a favorite account.  To set a favorite account, Main Page => Go to Button => Accounts => Menu => Preferences => "Account to Start Page On"

-- Colors for Lists:
   Made text color on Main Page's bills list and account transaction lists adjustable. Done through page preferences

-- Hide Bills:
   Made Bills List on Main Page able to be hidden. Adjust through main page preferences

-- Code Clean up:
   As always, trying to trim and cut the code to keep the app as small as possible