Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Version 19

Another quick little update.

-- Default Preferences:
     Some of the default preferences weren't ideal.  A black edit box background with black edit text makes it hard to read what you're doing.  I'm going to need to go through the rest of the preferences soon, but this seemed like it needed to be done quickly.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Version 18

Just one update this time.

-- Crashing upon downloading:
     Obviously this is a horrible one.  The old start up plan misreading some info I had added on update 15 or 16, causing the app to crash as soon as it was downloaded.  Anyone who had already downloaded the app wouldn't have noticed it, as  I didn't.  This is a quick fix, I noticed a few more little problems as I was fixing this, but I had to update this first since it was such a problem.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Version 17

Lots of little updates this time.  I've been testing them lately, and so far nothing seems broken, but we'll see.

-- Paying Common Transactions from home screen widget:
     I use common transactions more than any other type of transaction, so I've tried to make them as quick and easy to pay as possible.  When using the home screen widget to pay a common transaction, a new window will open up.  All you need to enter is an amount, (if you don't enter anything, the amount already entered will be used) and information if you'd like.  The transaction is then recorded with all categories subcategories, account info, and transfer info etc. included.  It's much quicker this way

-- Info box on transaction paid:
    After you pay a transaction, you now have an option to have a message box appear (settable by using Main Page ==> Menu ==> Preferences ==> App Widget Preferences ==> Message after transaction).  The message box shows the new account and transfer account totals after the transaction is paid.  Also, if the transaction's category or subcategory has a budget, the new budget totals will be shown.

-- Overall Transaction List:
     This was always setup, just got left out of previous updates.  Simply shows a list of transactions from all accounts.  Can be sorted like all other transaction lists.

-- Notifications updated:
     If you use notifications for repeat transactions, I've added a new feature that turns the notification's background to red if it's due soon.  Soon is determined by cutting the date preference in half.  To adjust the date preference: Main Page ==> Menu ==> Widget Preferences ==> "Notify when bill is coming how many days in advance".  If you set that to 10, notifications due within 5 days will have a red background.

-- Minor background updates and corrections:
     On the show info widget, if you wanted to see "Transaction's Today" it was ignoring the hour adjustment preference.
    All pages now have a correct page description.
    Some trimming and condensing