Thursday, March 21, 2013

Version 20

-- Default Preferences:
     More work on default preferences.  Not much should be noticeable on your end, aside from hide help boxes being moved to app wide preferences instead of having to turn them on off on each page.  The Help buttons on the preference pages can't be turned off, I think they're useful enough and since they aren't seen often aren't to unappealing.

-- Stability Issues:
     I took the app down for a few days to get the app more stable.  I kept finding problems that would cause the app to crash, and have to rush out a quick fix.  Then I would find a problem with the quick fix, or somewhere else and have to rush another fix.  So I took the app down and did a lot of testing.  I'm not going to be adding anything else for a bit, until I'm sure everything is working the way it should.  Stability needs to be key.

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