Friday, November 30, 2012

To Do

Currently working on:
-- Confirming Stability:
    Not working on anything major until I'm sure everything that currently exists work the way they are intended. (Update: Seems like everything is working fine.  Not ready to start adding many large features yet, until I am completely sure, but Things are currently looking good.

-- Reducing data size:
    I've been using this app for months, so I have a lot of transactions saved.  Unfortunately, that means every time the app checks account totals it takes a second to add up all the transactions.  Either I need to add a way to export the data, or save account totals after each transaction.


-- "Grocery List" Transactions:
     Been considering this for a while, but not sure if it's worth the trouble.  The ability to use the app while shopping and input items as you put them in your grocery cart.  The upside is you can see what exactly was bought, the down side is it would take a lot of memory to create pages to use the info.

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