Friday, November 30, 2012

Version 12

-- Upcoming Bill Notifications:
   Shows upcoming bills in notification bar.  Can be set to update when phone is rebooted, when phone is woken up, when starting app, or not at all.  Amount of bills to be notified of, how far in advance to notify of bill, and whether or not to play the notification sound.  To adjust, Main Page ==> Menu ==> App Wide Preferences ==> "Set Prefs" Button.

-- Monthly Account Details:
   Shows account's biggest payments and expenses, monthly balance, and biggest payment and expense categories.

-- Monthly Category Details:
   Shows category's percentage of total payments or expenses, monthly balance, and biggest sub category.

-- Monthly Sub Category Details:
   Shows Totals of each sub category and percentage of category's payments or expenses

-- Boring Stuff:
   The usual code trimming.  Also adjusted how the different pages travel to and from each other.

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