Friday, November 30, 2012

Version 14

-- Account Bills List:
    Added a way to view the upcoming bills for accounts by month, plus total of those bills.  Currently, it only looks forwards to bills yet to be paid.  We'll see if it's worth it to look backwards as well, but I don't see a reason.  If you do, feel free to reply and let me know.

-- All detail pages:
   All the pages that show details or categories, transactions, etc were completely rewritten.  Shouldn't be too  noticeable, just done to shorten the code and add more consistency.  If something looks wrong, please post here.

-- Buttons do stuff:
   The last update messed up a lot of the buttons.  Hopefully they're all working now, with the correct texts on them.

-- Repeat Trans:
   Paying a repeating transaction from anywhere in the app and widget should show the same three option box (Pay, skip, edit).  Done for consistency. If you notice a place where you aren't given the three options, or if one of the options does the wrong thing please post here. (Also, made it so adding info to any of the special transactions, it's recorded on all transactions when paid)

-- Consistency:
   Made all the bottom buttons line up in the same place.  It was a little disrupting to see the buttons bouncing around page by page.  Made all the texts line up better.  Made all expenses look like negative numbers, since they are.  Made all amounts format to local currency, including toasts (the little messages that briefly show up at the bottom of the screen)

Thanks again,

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